Our daily standard is excellence.

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At the end of each day when we're packing up our tools and equipment, we look back on a good day's work, knowing that what we are building will become a part of everyday life. The buildings and homes we help create are the spaces where people will spend their days and nights, and in turn build their lives and memories together.


Since most of our clients are general contractors, the people who are handed the keys when a project is finished may never think about KNH Construction. Nonetheless, we take on each project as if we were building it for ourselves. Thank you visiting KNH.Construction. We trust our workmanship will speak for itself.


~ Kevin & Hayley Northcutt

What clients are saying about KNH Construction, LLC

“Kevin and his team have the kind of work ethic and dedication to quality that makes my entire project run smoother. From finishing on time to ensuring their work is of the highest caliber, all the subs who come after the framing is done have an easier time, because KNH Construction does such great work.”

— D. W.  | Hotel Corporation

“KNH is a contractor's contractor. They know how to get the job done, no matter what the circumstances. I was way behind on a project due to an incompetent sub, and KNH not only came in and finished the job on time, but tore out and replaced some of the existing work because they couldn't guarantee its integrity over time.”

— G. S.  |  Homebuilder